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Off The Record Film DVD

Off The Record is the powerful story of three survivors of child sex abuse who sought to bring their perpetrators to justice.  In their own words, the survivors describe their harrowing journeys through a legal system that favors abusers over the abused.

Off The Record exposes the alarming truth that matters occurring outside the courtroom, the case docket, and the public eye too often prevent survivors from holding their perpetrators accountable under the law.  Because there is no record of these hidden practices and procedures, the injustices they inflict continue to fly under the radar.

But Off The Record breaks this deafening silence.  The inspirational accounts of the brave survivors need to be told and deserve to be heard.  A legal system that hides the truth and obstructs survivors’ paths to justice cannot – and will not – stand.

Off The Record is a call to action by all who are concerned that our justice system fails to address the scourge of child sex abuse that continues to pervade our society.